Why we ♥ Binky + Lulu

We don’t design collections based on season, rather each piece is created for a specific need and remains a permanent part of our offering. We create jewelry for every mood and don’t limit ourselves to one style, which is why we’re happy to bring both maximalist and minimalist designs to our customers.

B+L is committed to staying true to our brand’s roots by designing all jewelry in-house, working with our partners in the Philippines to develop unique, hand-crafted designs, and living by a method of slow fashion to produce heirloom-quality collections in the most ethical way possible. Binky & Lulu proudly stands with the growing cultural movement of shifting away from mass production to offer culturally rich pieces that give back to the communities that create them. It is important to us to enrich these communities with participation in local charities as well as helping to provide jobs globally.