Why we ♥ Makana

At MAKANA, they believe in the beauty of living well, clean design and creating fresh, botanical-based products. Their products are not manufactured by the thousands in a factory, but are hand-poured and hand-blended in small batches in-house in our California studio using artisanal techniques. They believe in a clean, minimal, uncomplicated ingredient list and process. Their methods and philosophy are rooted in both the traditional and modern. They strive to live each day filled with balance within ourselves, harmony with each other and respect for the land and sea. This way of life is based on ALOHA. They believe in slowing down, unplugging and recognizing the beauty in the moment. Fragrance creates new memories with each new experience. But more importantly, fragrance evokes stored memories, transporting us thousands of miles in an instant - to a place, with a person, to a moment frozen in time, reliving an experience that may have seemed to have been gone forever. This is our Makana to you - the gift of fragrance.