Why we ♥ Nat + Noor

Nat is short for Natalia, the owner and creative director. Noor means light in Arabic. Nat + Noor is a jewelry and accessory brand that encompasses light. Light to them means everything beautiful and lovely. Their brand is dedicated to timeless pieces that will be well worn. They are inspired by the effortless beauty of nature, and put thoughtful energy into curating beautiful designs with great quality.  

Natalia Riboldi, owner and creative director of NAT + NOOR, graduated with an Art Degree from BYUH. She taught silversmithing classes at the Sundance Mountain Resort before she decided to start her own business. Loving the creative process, she decided to merge her love for business, art and design. She currently lives in Utah where she spends any free time outdoors, making healthy meals or creating something.


The material used for our earrings is a cellulose acetate, which is a non-petroleum base coming from wood pulp. This makes it a renewable resource. There are a few different materials used for our hair clips. Depending on the style, we use metal, cellulose acetate, plastic or an acrylic material.


They work with manufacturers in Asia on the design and production process.


Nat + Noor is very conscious of waste and using renewable materials. It is easy to label something as eco-friendly, sustainable or natural. However, there are many factors that truly go into caring and making a difference in the eco space. There is the manufacturing process, all shipping materials and the product itself. Natalia, the founder of NAT + NOOR comes from a background of deeply caring about environmental issues spending months in Australia learning from environmentalists and permaculturists. They have not perfected every aspect of making their business 100% sustainable, but they are determined to keep improving and problem solving. They are dedicated to being conscious and of the whole process: the waste, the ethics and everything that goes into making a product. They are intentionally trying to be transparent about their process and lower environmental impact.