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Introducing our Acai Berry Powder, a Brazilian superfood packed with antioxidants and nutrients!

This deep purple powder captures the essence of the Amazon rainforest, offering a delightful burst of color and a myriad of potential health benefits. Discover the magic of acai berries in powdered form for a convenient and nutritious addition to your daily routine.

Now you can join the cult of Acai from your own home and enjoy its irresistible flavors of blueberry and chocolate.

The Rawnice Acai powder is ideal for:
- smoothies
- raw balls
- chia pudding
- oats
- drinks
- lattes

Ingredients: Acai Juice powder

Serving size: 1 teaspoon = 3 g / 0.1 oz

Storage once opened: Dry and cool in sealed container


Acai powder is renowned for its high concentration of antioxidants, including anthocyanins. These antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, reducing oxidative stress and lowering the risk of chronic diseases. Acai's exceptional antioxidant properties can promote overall health and well-being.

Hearth health

Acai powder may contribute to heart health. It contains heart-healthy fats like monounsaturated fats and dietary fiber, which can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Additionally, the antioxidants in Acai may support cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and improving blood vessel function.

Boosts Energy and Vitality

Acai is often touted as a natural energy booster. It contains essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which can help increase energy levels and combat fatigue. Consuming Acai powder may provide an energy lift and enhance overall vitality.