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Size: 4”



Watering- This plant is very intolerant to overwatering and prone to rot so it's best to allow the soil to dry between watering. If your aloe's leaves are soft instead of firm and plump then it's time to water! When watering take care to ensure no water becomes trapped in the center of the plant as this can cause rotting. 

Sunlight- Aloe does well in bright, indirect light to avoid sun stressing. A sunny window that is safe from harsh afternoon light is the perfect place for this plant. In spaces that lack natural lighting aloe grows well under grow lights. 

Soil- We recommend a cacti or succulent soil for this arid plant.  Houseplant soil can also be amended with a mixture of perlite and orchid bark to create a chunky, well draining soil. 

Pet Friendly- No

Please Note: The plant you receive may differ from the one shown. Planter not included.