Cebu Blue Pothos

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Size: 8"


Plant Care

Watering- While not drought tolerant, Cebu's are prone to root rot and can not tolerate soggy soil. We recommend allowing your plant to dry a bit between watering and only water when the first few inches of soil are dry. A moisture meter helps to take the guess work out of watering! 

Sunlight- Cebu's make wonderful house plants as they can tolerate a variety of light conditions. In bright, indirect light the silvery leaves will be more green than silvery blue. In filtered medium light the leaves maintain their signature silvery blue color. However, while they do tolerate a variety of lighting situations, they do not do well in low light for long periods of time. 

Soil- This plant does best in a moist, well draining soil and does not tolerate soggy conditions.

Pet Friendly- No

 Please note: The plant you receive may differ from the plant pictured. Planter not included.