Global Green Pothos

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Size: 8"


Plant Care

Watering- We suggest allowing the top 2 inches of soil to dry before watering again. If your plants leaves are starting to droop and you haven't watered recently it needs a drink!

Sunlight- This beautiful pothos requires bright, indirect light in order to maintain it's bright variegation. An eastern facing window would be perfect, though be careful to avoid western facing windows as they're often exposed to harsh light that can burn your plant or leave the variegation looking faded. In spaces that lack natural lighting grow lights can be used to simulate proper lighting for this plant to thrive. 

Soil- We recommend a light, well draining houseplant soil for this variety as they are prone to root rot if left in soggy soil for extended periods of time. Any good quality potting soil can be used if properly amended, we recommend adding a mix of perlite and orchid bark to aid in drainage. 

Pet Friendly- No

Please note: The plant you receive may differ from the one shown. Planter not included.