Pothos 'N Joy'

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Size: 6"



Watering- Like most pothos, N'Joy prefers a consisten watering schedule but hates soggy soil. We recommend allowing the top 2 to 3 inches of soil to dry between waterings.

Sunlight- This beautiful plant does best in bright, indirect light. Be careful when placing this plant and avoid any direct sunlight hitting the leaves as this can lead to burnt, crispy leaves. 

Soil- N'joy does best with loose, well draining soil that allows water to flow freely from the pot. We recommend a soil designed specifically for houseplants containing perlite and/or coco coir (or similar materials). Any good quality potting soil may be used as long as care is taken to properly amend it. 

Pet Friendly- No

Please note: The plant you receive may differ from the one shown. Planter not included.