Monstera 'Split Leaf'

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Size: 10"



Watering- Monsteras love a moist soil but are extremely intolerant to soggy conditions! We recommend watering when the first 2 to 3 inches of soil are dry. 

Sunlight- This beautiful climbing plant does best bright, indirect light. It can handle some direct light but not a lot. Take care when placing to ensure the leaves don't burn! This plant also does well in some lower light situations, however, we recommend a grow light for spaces that lack natural light. 

Soil- This plant is not accustomed to heavy soil, therefore a light and airy soil is best for your Monstera! We prefer good quality soils designed specifically for aroids, though any soil can be used if properly amended. We recommend a mix that uses perlite, orchid bark and coco coir. We also recommend utilizing a climbing pole for larger plants. 

Pet Friendly- No

 Please note: The plant you receive may differ from the one pictured. Planter not included.