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humans, we have lots of needs. although not all of us have medical diagnoses, we all experience symptoms in our bodies from time to time- aches + pains, allergies, stomachaches, or headaches. + while not everyone has a mental health illness, we all experience emotions on a spectrum + have times where we feel anxious, sad, struggle to focus or just need a little peace in the current season of life. 
anxiety ease -
australian sandalwood oil, roman chamomile oil, balsam peru oil, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, sweet marjoram oil, grapeseed oil carrier,  dried gomphrena flowers

peace + recovery - 
green mandarin oil, sweet marjoram oil, patchouli oil, roman chamomile oil, bourbon geranium oil, lavender oil, grapeseed oil carrier, dried lavender buds

focus + energize -
blood orange oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, ginger oil, eucalyptus oil, egyptian geranium oil, grapeseed oil carrier, dried peppermint leaves